People Ages 45 To 64 Accounted For About 50% Of All Deaths From Medication Overdose, CDC Says

The NPR (5/5, Gourlay) “Shots” blog runs a piece from RINPR reporting, “In 2013 and 2014, according to the Centers for Disease Control and...

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Study: Pentagon Fails To Persuade Troops To Seek Mental Healthcare Due To Stigma

USA Today (5/5, Zoroya) reports a “stinging” April report by the GAO found that even as troop suicides occur at record levels, the Pentagon...

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Warfarin, AF May Be Associated With Dementia Risk

Medscape (5/5) reports that in over “10,000 patients with different diseases who were receiving warfarin therapy to prevent clots and stroke, those who had...

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More Patients Have Insurance, But Fewer Can See Mental Health Professionals

In “Data Mine,” US News & World Report (5/4, Leonard) reports, “People with psychological problems have been increasingly gaining health insurance coverage in recent...

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Half Of Adolescents Say They Feel Addicted To Their Mobile Devices

The Washington Post reports that according to a report by Common Sense media, 50 percent of adolescents “say they feel addicted to their mobile...

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CDC Urges Parents Of Preschool Kids With AD/HD To Try Behavior Therapy Before Medications

In “To Your Health,” the Washington Post (5/3, Cha) reports officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are now “urging parents of...

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Dieting May Help Improve Health, Mood, Sex Drive, And Stress Levels Among Normal-Weight People

The Los Angeles Times (5/2, Healy) reports in “Science Now” that a study indicated “normal-weight people who ate 25% less than they wanted for”...

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Adolescents Have Greater Chance to Choose Alcohol Brands They See On TV Shows

HealthDay (5/2, Preidt) reports, “The more teens see alcohol brands on TV shows, the greater the chances they’ll choose those brands,” the findings of...

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APA Recommends Cautious Use Of Antipsychotics To Treat Patients With Dementia

MedPage Today (5/2, Fiore) reports the American Psychiatric Association has issued a new guideline recommending that “physicians…be judicious about their use of antipsychotics to...

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