Graduated Extinction Sleep Training In Infants Appears To Cause No Long-Term Harm

USA Today (5/24, Bowerman) reports that “letting a baby cry it out, or cry until the child drifts off to sleep, does not cause...

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Can Adults Get a Different Kind of ADHD?

The Wall Street Journal (5/23, Reddy, Subscription Publication) reports that two studies published in JAMA Psychiatry suggest that people who are diagnosed with AD/HD...

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Medications For AD/HD Pose Dangers Of Abuse, Dependence In Adults

In a greater than 2,600-word “Watchdog” investigative article, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (5/21, Fauber, Fiore) reported on the dangers of abuse and dependence in...

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Congresswoman Calls For Treating Mental Health With Serious Empathy

In an opinion piece for TIME (5/20), Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) wrote that May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month. Johnson added,...

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Researchers Incorporate Real-Time Analytics To Better Determine Violence Risk In Patients

Medscape (5/19, Anderson) reports that at a poster session at the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting, Canadian researchers detailed how they “have incorporated real-time...

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Gun-Related Suicides Higher In States With More Gun Owners

HealthDay (5/19, Norton) reports that after examining “33 years’ worth of data,” investigators “found that states with more gun owners generally had more suicides...

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Family Rejection Triples Risk for Suicide Attempts by Transgender People

HealthDay (5/19, Mundell) reports that “risks for attempting suicide more than tripled for transgender adults who experienced a ‘high level’ of familial rejection,” research...

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More Advocacy for Enforcement Of The Mental Health Parity And Addiction Equity Act

Medscape (5/18, Anderson) reports that at the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting, former Democratic Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy, “who helped spearhead the national...

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Research Shows Staying Busy May Improve Cognitive Ability

HealthDay (5/17, Norton) reports on new research from the Center for Vital Longevity at the University of Texas at Dallas that shows that “busyness”...

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