Close To 40% Of News Stories About Mental Illness Connect It To Interpersonal Violence

TIME (6/6, Sifferlin) reports that just “about 4% of interpersonal violence in the United States can be attributed to mental illness…yet close to 40%...

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Clinical Depression May Reduce A Woman’s Chance Of Having A Baby

Medical Daily (5/25, Venosa) reports that clinical depression may reduce “a woman’s chance of having a baby,” research suggests. The study authors theorize that...

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Church Attendance Associated With Reduced Likelihood For Suicide In Women

In “Science Now,” the Los Angeles Times (6/29, Healy) reports, “Compared with women who never participated in religious services, women who attended any religious...

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“Drunkorexia” Trend Seen On US College Campuses

Medscape (6/28, Anderson) reports that “drunkorexia” is “a new and troubling trend in which youth deliberately do not eat and then go on to...

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Bullying, Cyberbullying Major Risk Factors For Teen Suicide, Pediatrics Group Says

The NPR (6/28, Kodjak) “Shots” blog reports, “Bullying and cyberbullying are major risk factors for teen suicide,” with both victims and bullies “at risk.”...

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Patients With Recurring Episodes Of Binge-Eating May Benefit From CBT Or Medication

Reuters (6/28, Seaman) reports that patients with recurring binge-eating episodes may benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or medication, the findings of a 34-study...

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Electronic Health Records Linked To Physician Burnout

TIME (6/27, Oaklander) reports the increasing use of electronic health records is a contributing factor to physician burnout, according to a study published in...

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No Evidence That Degenerative Brain Disorders Can Be Transmitted Via Donated Blood

HealthDay (6/27, Preidt) reports that research “finds no evidence that degenerative brain disorders can be transmitted via donated blood.” Investigators looked at data on...

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Pediatrics Group Suggests Family Physicians Should Screen Teens For Suicide Risks

USA Today (6/27, Shedrofsky) reports that in a report released Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that family physicians “should screen teens for...

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